Website in a Weekend

It's essential to have a website for your business these days. Without one your biz isn't really legit yet. They hold the power to instantly portray the vibe of your brand so it's crucial to have one that accurately represents you and your product.


Completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start? 


Let me take care of that for you. Better yet, I make it happen fast so you can take your business to the next level right away.


I'll get an idea of your brand and take it from there. Don't worry, I got you.


Wondering how I can do these so quickly?


I've been making websites for 10 years. So I've been around the website block a few times. That pretty much sums it up. I've learned what software I love, what works best for online stores, for small business owners and how to navigate the online world. Mix that with my attention to detail and eye for design and branding and it's one pretty sweet match up.


No need to worry about a decrease in quality with the quick turnaround time. I only take on a few clients at a time and I'm fully committed to hustling for you. I want the absolute best for you. I really really do.


Don't worry, before I officially hand over your new site to you, we'll connect to make sure it's everything you ever dreamed of. And I'm all about having huge dreams.


This service is best for small business owners who have never had a website before, etsy store owners who want a website of their own, small businesses, realtors, up and coming bloggers. Not sure you're on this list, ask away here



This service includes:

- initial branding/business session so I get clear on your vision/dream and then we go from there

- website design + development

- mobile site set-up + configuration

- branding considerations

- domain name purchase, connection + configuration

- business email set-up (if needed)

- check-in session to make sure I'm on the right track with your vision

- tutorial on how to maintain your new site and add product pictures (if needed)

- website ready to go live on Monday*


If you're sick of feeling overwhelmed with website design and configuration, let's collaborate and I'll take care of all of that for you. Have your website up and running on Monday.




LIMITED ENROLLMENT OPENS June 15, 2016 for 2 days


Interested? On the fence? Can't wait to have your brand new website? Sign up HERE for more info on this service and the minute it's available.

*Obviously when dealing with technology you can run into unexpected set-backs. This will be incredibly rare but if it does happen, I will  do everything in my power to get your website done as fast as possible. I'm fully committed to hustle for you. Xo


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