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Lifestyle Photo Shoot + IG Strategy Session

Running out of content for your Instagram (or other social media) account? Not sure what to post? Do you want to look professional but still real? There's no way you can post another selfie? How do you showcase your products or your brand? And the list could go on and on. This session is all about creating fresh content for you and to discuss your Instagram strategy moving forward, what you can do to increase engagement and build that tribe of yours. Can you say hell-to-the-yes?


Pictures are really the foundation of your brand. They help you tell your story, portray your vibe and build a community of like-minded babes. This means having pictures that truly represent you and your product/brand is incredibly important.  Working with me in this session is all about being real. No fancy photography studio just you + I creating something unique and specifically for you and your biz. Let's create new content for you to use that you're proud of, that fully represents you and that showcases you and your product/brand.


This is definitely one of my favourite sessions to do and as a business owner myself, I know how hard it can be to create new content on a daily basis and that going to a photography studio isn't always an option. At the end of this session, you'll have multiple images to use for the weeks and months ahead (minimum 15 pictures! Say what?!). Depending on your specific needs, I'll cover product pictures, flat lays and other key strategies that helped me sell $1500 in 5 hours directly on Instagram.


But wait, you don't sell a product? That's totally fine. Maybe you're a real estate agent, up and coming blogger, coach, business owner or just want to grow your audience. A strong Instagram presence can be a game-changer for you as well. Let's connect!


**Currently available in Calgary and surrounding areas. If you'd love to do this session but don't live close to Calgary, I love to travel! Send me an email and let's chat.

**Sessions are 90min long

Product Pics - Your biz deserves to look pretty

It's ok to admit your product photos may need some work. That's totally fine. We've all been there. Don't feel like you have the time to mess with white backgrounds, good lighting and styled flat lays? Not sure what a flat lay is? Leave that up to me. I want to make sure your products look as awesome in a picture as they are in real life. When running an online store, your pictures are really what sell your product. It's so key. Don't worry though, I got you.


**You'll receive a mix of individual product pictures and flat lays (15 pictures total!)

**Currently only accepting small products (no clothing)

**Price includes return shipping of your items

Instagram Engagement - Build your tribe

You know how important it is to consistently engage with other Instagram users to really build your tribe but finding the time to do this is incredibly challenging? I got you. With this service, I essentially become a brand ambassador for you and find your ideal clients and supporters, send them love by liking their photos and engaging with them (based on your specific personality/brand) from your Instagram account. Consistent engagement and lots of focused time spent on Instagram is so key when building a community around your brand.


PLEASE READ: There are other companies out there that are following accounts on your behalf only to unfollow them when the user follows you back so that your follower number grows rapidly (That's a lot of follow/unfollow. Ya still with me?). This is not how I roll and this won't be done for your account.


You want people to follow you because they connect with your vibe, what you stand for and love your product. There's just something completely inauthentic about that method. I want to help you build a real tribe of supporters, not just increase your follower count. Remember, I had sales of $1500 in 5 hours directly on Instagram when I had less than 2000 followers. Quality over quantity, babes.


**Before starting this service, I will review your account to determine if your content could use a little work. It's important to have quality content that's inline with your vibe and brand before investing in growing your community.

Instagram Consults for Boss Babes

The power Instagram holds for your business is HUGE. It's one of the most popular social media platforms and has the ability to truly transform your business or brand.


If you feel a bit lost when it comes to how to build an engaged community, what to post, how to look more professional and take amazing product photos, how to approach bloggers for collaborations, how to find your exact clients, how to make money directly off of Instagram and the list goes on and on and on, these sessions are for you.


This stuff may not come easy to you and that's totally ok, that's why we're connecting now. Let's make it easy for you and make sure you start seeing results fast. Instagram can lead to major growth for your business. I'm talking major.


I'll teach you the exact strategies I used to make $1500 in 5 hours on Instagram & $6000 over a weekend.


The best part about these sessions is that I review your instagram account beforehand so that during the session I can provide you with incredibly specific steps and techniques for you to start using right away.


You're getting extra unique strategies for YOUR business.


I see it over and over again. People have an amazing product but don't know how to use Instagram to showcase it and build an incredibly loyal following. I want to help you with that. In fact, that's my ultimate passion. I know first-hand what it means when you can generate an income for you and your family. So I really really get it.


Let's get serious so you can immediately start seeing results by using Instagram. It really doesn't get any easier. These sessions take place over the phone (using skype) and are 60 min long. I do want to warn you though, I pack these sessions FULL. So...prepare yourself.


**These sessions are best suited to boss babes who have a product based business, are new to Instagram and/or haven't been seeing the results they'd like to.

**60min long

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